Amu Plaza Miyazaki / “Dan-dan” Terrace Open to the City 

Year: 2020
Location: Miyazaki
Area: 2,500㎡

“Dan-dan” Terrace Open to the City


Year: 2020
Client:Kyushu Railway Company, Miyazaki Traffic
Architecture:Kume Sekkei Co., Ltd.
Category:Office & Commercial Facility

建築設計:久米設計 九州支社
撮影: 八代写真事務所

“Dan-dan” Terrace Open to the City 

Amu Plaza Miyazaki is a large-scale commercial complex built in front of JR Miyazaki Station. This project aims to revitalize the entire city by generating a fresh “liveliness” through the redevelopment of Amu Plaza Miyazaki as well as the West Entrance Plaza at Miyazaki Station and its surrounding area, and by creating synergy with the Tachiban-dori area that attracts many visitors. Miyazaki Prefecture and Miyazaki City actively took part in the redevelopment of the plaza, thereby bringing private and public sectors together to undertake community development.
The stepped volume of the building created by relaxing the strict setback regulation evokes the vernacular landscape of Miyazaki, home to some of Japan’s most beautiful terraced rice paddies, which inspired us to set “dan-dan” as the design keyword for the landscape. The word “dan-dan” (段々) refers to terraced rice paddies; “dan” (暖) means “warmth,” expressing the mild climate of Miyazaki known as the “Land of Sunshine” in Japan; and “dan-dan” (段々) also suggests a sense of heightened expectation and elation as the sky and sea gradually come into view as visitors ascend the stairs to upper floors. Visitors can enjoy the view of the sea, mountains, and the city of Miyazaki while walking up a series of winding paths to the Kotsu Shrine (shrine for traffic safety) on the “mountaintop” as if hiking up a small mountain. Colorful plants and trees suitable for the climate of Miyazaki are planted along the paths, integrating spaces where visitors can enjoy a variety of activities.
The 6th floor is an open playground with a tunneled hill and artificial grass for children and parents to play and have fun in peace. The 7th floor has an open space for events, a space softly surrounded by greenery, and a space that tenants can use as a terrace, all of which are loosely connected, with a stepped water feature that enhances and accentuates the rooftop garden.
The “office terrace” on the 8th and 10th floors, exclusive for offices, are expected to serve as a place for outdoor meetings as well as a refreshment space, thereby allowing office activities to exude out to the roof garden. A common coral tree (Erythrina crista-galli) is planted as a symbol tree to create a tropical atmosphere, and an area around the tree with benches and artificial grass was designed as a place for visitors to relax and unwind. The observation deck and the Kotsu Shrine on the rooftop offer a panoramic view of Miyazaki’s lush mountains, sea, and cityscape.
Since its opening, the rooftop garden, named “Amu Niwa” (Amu’s garden) and “Amu Sora” (Amu’s sky) has been attracting many visitors including students on their way home from school as well as children and parents, enjoying their time. We hope that Amu Niwa and Amu Sora will continue to integrate into the daily lives of people in Miyazaki beyond the boundaries of a commercial facility as a park-like place open to the city. 




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